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undefinedThe philosophy behind the Secondary Education Educational Project Leading Ahead is based on an integrated idea of the teaching and learning process. It is conceived as a continuous dynamic, participatory and interactive process of the pupils in an environment where they learn, think and acquire knowledge together with their classmates and teachers whilst remembering the determinant family role in the optimum development of their personality.

Leading Ahead responds to a triple character which shapes all the pupil´s personality at a key stage in their lives before maturity, so the different educational goals rotate around the pupil´s ethical dimension, their civic dimension and the dimension of knowledge in the context of trilingual teaching in English, French and Spanish, three languages in which students will reach the highest level.

Leading Ahead is an educational model which pursues the intelligent use and maximum output of digital abilities and multimedia together with the achievements and benefits of contrasted education. This means the predominant strategies in the classroom are precisely those which favour pupil interaction with classmates with an education based on cooperative learning in heterogeneous groups of a varying number. These groups centre on problem and project-based learning which are as particular to a subject as those characterised by their interdisciplines. They focus on local and national environments as global or multicultural ones which are distinguished for their dynamism, flexibility, diversity and also valued for their creative capacity.

As a continuation of the Primary Education Project Moving On the protagonist is the pupil who is constantly guided and given tools which are all integrated and aim to achieve excellence, making up a rich framework of knowledge. This structure enables students to create their own abilities and procedures to resolve problems and complex situations. Students are also asked to initiate and lead projects which inspires motivation and an interest to carry on learning in a global context full of challenges and opportunities.

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