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undefinedMoving On is the Primary Education Educational Project at LAUDE El Altillo School designed with the ambitious aim of sixth grade Primary students reaching a noteworthy linguistic proficiency in English, obtaining B1 level within the common European framework of languages, as well as consolidating the learning bases of the French language with a weekly word load of five hours.

The importance of trilingualism on concluding this stage forms the great strength of this Educational project leaving no room for doubt. This is in addition to the enriching input of Chess, the innovative education of mathematical calculus consolidated by algorithm based on numbers (ABN), together with a complete programme of developing creativity and pro social behavior. All this is worked in a technological and collaborative environment in which the implementation level of digital competence reaches its highest goals.

In this context of comradeship, motivation and enthusiastic work on behalf of both teachers and pupils the School can also boast about its value teaching, its great focus on culture in a wide international sense, its vision of integrated learning and its essentially communicative approach in all subjects.

At LAUDE El Altillo School the combination of a happy learning environment and a solid international innovative education determines the personality of its pupils, forging their ethic values and their passion for life long learning.

For more information please contact Pilar Vergara, Head of Admissions & Marketing.

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