The main objective of LAUDE El Altillo School’s education project is the comprehensive education and upbringing of our students, and this is why the educational process is supplemented with a wide range of cultural, sports, artistic, humanitarian, environmental and recreational activities, essential in the upbringing of all our students.

Part of the student journey in El Altillo includes:

  • Promotion of trilingual education: Spanish, English and French

  • Promotion of values that encourage respect for human rights and open dialogue
 to further horizons
  • Encouragement of students to cooperate with, and respect, others

  • Help to develop self-assessment strategies, to be self-demanding in their studies and to value the importance of doing a job well

  • Provide more experience, knowledge, imagination and comprehension

  • Develop active and analytical skills, as well as the capability to question, discuss, etc.

  • Develop sports, cultural and artistic activities shaping the personality of the students
  • Provide solid and varied academic training based on the Spanish educational system syllabus

  • Train the students in the use of new technologies  

  • Inform the students of the advantages of practising sports and living healthy lives
  • Encourage playing chess as a sport as well as an intellectual activity

  • Teach respect for the environment as an essential element of human life

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