International Primary Curriculum

The IPC (The International Primary Curriculum) has been designed to ensure not only rigorous learning, but also to help teachers to make learning exciting, active and meaningful for students. The IPC has a clearly comprehensive and global approach; helping children to understand the circumstances of the place in which they live and connecting learning with the perspective of other people in other countries. The IPC is used in schools in more than ninety countries around the world.

This new programme sets out learning objectives in three different areas:

1. The school subjects of the programme. The learning objectives for each one of these subjects are targets which are as important as those included in the Official Curriculum Design and extremely motivating and novel for students. 

2. Personal development. The programme will help foster responsibility and autonomy.

3. International understanding and openness. They will develop a sense of belonging to their own country and culture as well as being taught about the value of the connection between different countries and cultures, so necessary in today's world.

Along the course of each trimester, we will work on two units of the IPC with strong participation by students in its approach, in the design and its follow up. This is an interdisciplinary methodology which will help them expand their field of interest by offering them new experiences and encouraging the use of different resources.

Each project will have an attractive and motivating starting and finishing point in which Multiple Intelligences are integrated.

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