Early Years - First Steps & Taking Off


Early Years Education. First Steps & Taking Off Project:
Integrated Emotional Education

  • 1 and 2 year olds 100% in English
  • 3 and 4 year olds bilingual: 80% classes in English
  • 5 year olds trilingual: 80% classes in English and French

The Educational Project comes from the fundamental principles of Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Following these principles we assume all people are intelligent, as this idea of intelligence is the practical capacity to resolve problems of a different nature and different characteristics in daily life; spatial, linguistic, social…. Our conception, explained by Howard Gardner, is that we do not only say someone is intelligent if they can conjugate verbs by memory but also someone who can interpret a sound, understand a facial expression, know how to speak in public….

The objectives of Taking Off aim to maximize logical-mathematical development through the ABN calculus method, thanks to which our pupils learn mathematics through playing where the child makes sense of his/her, own experiences in this subject which is initially very abstract for them. At the same time linguistic development is pursued by teaching in three languages – trilingualism – with the idea that at this early age children have an extraordinary capacity to assimilate contents in different languages which is why our school is characterised for teaching English from one year old and French from 5 years old.

Education in the use of computer tools also acquires a relevant prominence due to the awareness of the importance that our pupils learn the correct use of these with objectives adapted to each age group.

Finally, education in values must be highlighted as one of the cornerstones on which the ideology of our School is built, with a firm belief that the transmission of these principles must be instilled from an early age.

For more information please contact Pilar Vergara, Head of Admissions & Marketing.

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