Baccalaureate - Defining Excellence

Defining ExcellenceThe main concept of the Bachillerato Educational Project Defining Excellences is perfecting students' abilities with the aim of providing and endowing the students with the most complete and competitive set of merits, virtues, attributes and excellences which all together will set and define their passage through university classrooms and their gateway towards a professional career in which personal satisfaction and achievement will go hand in hand with success.

With this firm, reliable aim of leading our pupils to highest levels of achievement and proficiency which make them outstanding so that to a great measure independent work is encouraged at the same level as learning based on problems of important complexity and the cooperative projective model which searches for learning through projects. This model gives incentive to investigation in all areas of knowledge, develops the pupil´s potential by being based on each one´s interests, builds knowledge through experience and allows the collective construction of rules as an important source of respect and citizenship. These are professional working methods which in the present increasingly diverse global and interconnected society, are all necessary for people to successfully integrate into companies and organisations.

Staff and students alike are energetic in their preparation for university entrance exams and the output is excellent as demonstrated in our students' Selectividad scores each year. Students are trained not just be 'test ready' but also to take with them a long-term knowledge of their subjects. Our teacher´s have an in-depth knowledge and experience of the exam boards and types of questions students can expect to see on exams. 

The aim is to make these pupils excellent university students who from the first year of their higher education studies advance steadily on account of these strengths and advantages which evolve from their human and intellectual maturity. Students' global awareness and interpersonal skills assure that our students will their maximise their university study, helping them to obtain a degree and be suitably equipped to enter the professional world of today and tomorrow.

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