Good Manners And Meals

undefinedGood Table Manners project is designed to teach the students how to behave at the table and to transmit a series of values which promote social harmony. Sharing a meal is a good occasion to communicate and is also a great opportunity to develop family’s ties and friendship. The table is a place for teaching good manners. A person’s education is evident from their behavior at the table eating and drinking. Good table manners are learnt from childhood and become a habit.

LAUDE El Altillo School teaches these good manners which can later be applied to other situations.

Our Early Years pedagogical team has developed some table manner rules which are sent home every fortnight and supervised daily in the dining room.

In Primary Education once a month pupils from each class have a practical lesson in the classroom and then put it into practice in the Good table manners dining room.

In Secondary and Bachillerato groups of 7 students attend the Good table manners dining room through guided experiences they will be aware of the importance of certain norms in special situations like eating in public places or personal invitations.

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