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undefinedundefinedLAUDE El Altillo School is concerned about preserving the environment. That is why we’ve been working in the Eco-School project for several years.

Our aim is to make the pupils aware of the importance of the energy saving and the need for recycling by practical means: doing all the activities within their reach which help protect the environment.

This project is especially for 3rd of Secondary pupils with the cooperation of the rest of the School, not only Secondary and Bachillerato, but also for Primary and Early Years. 3rd of Secondary pupils are in charge of informing the rest of the students  about the Eco-School project and the various ways of participating and cooperating by means of visiting the classrooms. The Eco-school notice board provides information for students. 

Your Eco-Code should be your mission statement. It should demonstrate, in a clear and imaginative way, your school’s core values and commitment towards improving its environmental performance and striving towards a sustainable future.

The Eco-Code should list the main objectives of your Action Plan, covering real actions that pupils and staff intend to carry out. This task is also ideal to link into literacy curriculum work.

The Eco-Code should be displayed in every classroom and on the Eco-Schools notice board, in communal areas and in the staff room.  The content of the Code should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to reflect the school’s eco aims and targets as new issues are addressed.

It is vital that pupils feel they have had involvement in developing this code, as this will give them a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for the programme and its values.

Basically our  Eco Code is the set of ecologically sound ‘rules and regulations’ our school  chose to live by in the interests of the planet!

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