undefinedFollowing the new tendencies in teaching New Technologies we have introduced a novel and unique programme into our classrooms: Computing at School.
The main objective is to try and modify the way in which our students relate to technology, from being mere consumers to creators of technology by means of programming videogames.

In order to achieve this we are going to introduce computer programming into our curriculum from first grade Primary Education to second grade Bachillerato. Every week students will use one of their mathematics hours to have practical lessons of videogame programming. Learning how to programme and create software applications not only prepares the young people for scientific and technical studies but also helps them develop as computational thinkers, that is, people who can make use of computational concepts and practices in all aspects of their lives.

Initially we will use the tool Scratch, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which consists of an environment where one can programme visually. The means of making programmes is designed for pupils from the age of six being able to programme in an easy intuitive way.
The main objectives of our new curriculum are for pupils to:

  • To understand and apply the basics and concepts of Computer Science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation.
  • To know how to analyze problems in computer terms and have practical experience of creating programmes to solve these problems.
  • To be able to evaluate and use information technologies, including new or unknown technologies, in an analytical way in order to solve problems.
  • To be responsible, competent, confident and creative in the use of communication and information technologies.

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