With the knowledge of the importance of educating, not only in content but also in experience LAUDE El Altillo School has launched various projects amongst which the following stand out:

  • ALT TV Club, so that pupils can put into practice the whole process of drafting, editing and producing that lies behind a television programme.
  • Poetry Club in which a poetry recital is being prepared to celebrate Book Day.
  • Engineering Club whose first project culminated in the manufacturing of a 3D printer and which proposes to build an auto piloted drone this year.
  • Programming Club, Coding club which will broaden knowledge of Scratch and Python.
  • Digital Journalism Club where our Digital Times is published – a platform where pupils report to the educational community about the School´s main activities and projects while working on communicative and expressive proficiency and the ability to work as a team.
  • The Theatre Workshop aims to bring together interpretation with bodily expression, while promoting the importance of teamwork.
  • The Digital Video Workshop is aimed at displaying the different activities at the centre from the perspective of the students themselves and through teamwork. The world of multimedia encompasses a wide combination of texts, graphic art, sound animation and video, therefore, the field of word with the students is extensive, stimulating and extremely diverse.

The objective behind the different clubs is to give meaning to and add valueto the knowledge of our students which motivates us all more day by day.

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