How to apply for a place at the School?
It’s necessary to fill out an application form and submit it to the Secretary’s office or to info@laudealtillo.com in order to arrange an interview with our Director of Admissions and Marketing Pilar Vergara at admissions@laudealtillo.com or +34 956 302 400.

Once the inscription form has been submitted, the School will contact you to interview those students applying to Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato.

In case you have the information and want to enroll your son-daughter it’s necessary to fill out the inscription forms and submit it to the Secretary’s office or to admissions@laudealtillo.com along with the necessary documents and a 500€ registration payment.

What documents do I need for registration?

  • Inscription Form, Health Report, Direct Debit Form, Authorizations and Acceptance Enrolment Form

  • General Conditions

  • Photocopies of DNI, NIE or passport of mother and father or legal guardian and pupils

  • Birth certificate

  • 2 passport sized photos

  • Copy of payment of enrolment fee
 and deposit
  • Copies of past school reports or certificates

Which are the fees?
The director of Admissions will set up a meeting to visit the school facilities and to provide you with the current fees.

Are there other mandatory services?
Education is the only compulsory concept. Other services, such as school transport, canteen service, early morning school or extracurricular activities are optional. Therefore, they will only be charged to those families who so request it.

Why is Laude El Altillo School the best option?
El Altillo School is the only private school in Jerez which covers all the educational stages, offering a complete education in English to pupils from 1 year of age to 18. Our educational project is fully consolidated and we have occupied the top positions in the results of the Selectividad tests to access the University as well as Cambridge, Trinity and Allianza Francesa exams.

What is the difference between a bilingual and a British school?
Bilingual schools are considered those schools which have a significant number of school hours taught in English, but most of them only offers between 6 and 10 hours of English a week. El Altillo School is considered a truly trilingual school as their child receive between 100% and 80 % of the classes in English or French.
On the other hand a British school follows the National British Curriculum and students get the official English certificates.

Is El Altillo School a Bilingual, International or British school?

LAUDE El Altillo School is a school with a trilingual project which means it has a significant workload entirely in English and French but following the Spanish curriculum. This allows the students to acquire a high level of English and French without incurring a problem to access a Spanish university. We have also begun the process to offer a double degree, Spanish and International Baccalaureate .
LAUDE El Altillo School is part of the group ISP (International Schools Partnership).

Which level of trilingual education will our students reach when they finish 2nd Bachillerato?
El Altillo school offers a trilingual educational programme and our target is for our students to speak the three languages with an advanced level (C1), Spanish, English and French, by the time they finish the second grade of Bachillerato.

From what age is English taught?
In classes of 1 and 2 year olds 100 % of the classes are taught in English .
In classes of 3 , 4 year olds 80 % of classes are taught in English .
From 5 year olds to grade 6 of Primary 75 % of classes are taught in English and French.
In Secondary 70 % of classes are taught in English and French.

When do you introduce French?
Children from 5 years up to 3rd grade have two hours of French.
From 4th of Primary to 4th of Secondary students receive 4 or 5 hours a week of French.

At what age do children learn and use IT equipment?
From the moment the students enter the school they children have access to a range of hardware and software to enhance their learning. From 4 year olds to 2nd Bachillerato Information and Communication Technology is part of the curriculum. The School also offers numerous programs and workshops including digital journalism, coding, audiovisual editing, design... where children can put into practice their computer skills.

What age can my son/daughter enter the school?
We have facilities for children from age of one. Your son/daughter can join the school as soon as they are able to walk.

Is it necessary for infants to be toilet trained before they come to school?
No, we have trained staff who look after all the children´s needs including the very young.

Where can I buy the uniform?
The school has its own uniform shop.

Does the school have its own kitchen and cooks?
Yes, the school has its own catering facilities. Our menus are carefully chosen and planned by our doctor Inmaculada Mellado to provide nutritious, balanced and healthy meals for all ages.

Is it possible to have menus adapted according to needs?
Yes, specific diets for allergies, intolerances or other medical reasons can be catered for.

When do pupils receive swimming lessons?
At the age of 5.

Are there after school activities?
Yes the school offers a wide range of activities for children from the age of 4.

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