“My gratitude to the School is not only based on having received an education with a high quality of knowledge and an excellent level of languages but also for having provided me with a personal wealth which differentiates me from the rest.”

Isabel Marín Gamero
Head girl 2014-15


“When it comes to choosing a school I think it is important to look further than the academic education offered. Without doubt not only the education but also an integral training based on values such as volunteer work, poise, ambition and of course responsibility have been placed within my reach. That is why if I could choose again, I would still choose to study here.”

Francisco Sánchez Cuéllar
Head boy 2014- 15


“It is difficult to summarize what the School has contributed to my personal and university life. If I had to highlight one thing it would be the high level of preparation and languages; the development of the cultivation of effort to achieve goals; communicative skills; team work which is increasingly demanded by businesses; the capacity for innovation and adapting to change which constantly occurs. All of this supposes an extraordinary contribution to not only academic but also personal education.”

Antonio Real O’neil


“The teaching of programming increases motivation, improves autonomy, encourages creativity, facilitates the process of ordering ideas and develops the capacity to solve problems.”

José Luis García
Head of New Technologies Department

Margarita Munoz. Maths ABN


Miss Coleman. Languages i Early Years. LAUDE El Altillo School


Miss Preston. LAUDE El Altillo School

 Français professeur LAUDE El Altillo School

Language Assistant LAUDE El Altillo School

Head of sports at LAUDE El Altillo School


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